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Kaira Konko would not survive without the dedication of the Scouts who keep the Lodge and the Scout Group running. The Kaira Konko Scout Fellowship is helping to develop the older Scoutsí education and skills to enable them to manage Kaira Konko and secure its growth into the future.

Kinteh Lamin Kinteh MBE is the Project Leader and Manager of the Lodge and its grounds, he works closely with Fellowship members in the UK to ensure that Kaira Konko is on target to be self-supporting. He records the income and expenditure and manages all the Scouts who work to maintain and develop the Lodge. Kinteh is also the linchpin to local relationships and negotiations and holds meetings with local dignitories and the Government Regional Commission. Kinteh overseas many of the community projects that have come to Soma through Kaira Konko.

Modou Modou is the Troop Leader and Assistant Manager. He provides support to Kinteh and fulfils the management role on a day to day basis. Modou oversees the development and maintenance of the garden and the selling of produce. He helps to take accommodation bookings, welcomes guests and importantly runs the Scout Group.

KumbahKumba is the Housekeeper and she ensures that when guests arrive their bedding is fresh, their rooms are clean and the bathrooms are shining. She has a small team of female Scouts who work with her to ensure that standards are maintained. Kumba is also in charge of the catering and laundry, shopping at the market and cooking for guests when required. She and her team draw an income from the catering and laundry service they provide.

Lamin SannehLamin Sanneh is employed to run extra English lessons for the Scouts at Kaira Konko. These are provided to help them acheive a higher standard of education and improve their future prospects.

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