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The Gambia is located in West Africa and is just 300km x 30km long and completely surrounded by its much larger neighbour Senegal. It is one of the smallest and poorest countries in Africa and is a peaceful country with a democratically elected President. It is a member of the Commonwealth and has a population of approximately 1.5million. Having in excess of ten tribal languages it has designated English the national language. The country has no mineral wealth and relies on its cash crop of groundnuts, tourism and aid for its income. The average family survives on less than 150 per annum. A bag of rice lasting a family two weeks costs 10. Unemployment is high. Despite the hardships that life throws at them, the Gambians are a friendly, vibrant people and great fun to be with.

Lady at the well The western end of The Gambia has the sea and the Eastern end, dry arid land. Through the centre, from the sea flows the River Gambia. Looking at it on a map, The Gambia is a narrow wavy line of land with the coast on the left and a river up the middle. Most visitors stay at the coast as there are some rather nice beaches along the 30km coastline, few venture inland to see where the 1.2 million population, over 90% being Muslim live. The Gambian people are very friendly and welcoming with large warm smiles, a happy disposition and a laid back attitude.

There are regular charter flights to The Gambia. Gambia Experience can help you arrange a trip.

Kaira Konko Scout Lodge is in Soma town about 4 to 6 hours from Banjul, along the main road east.

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