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Current Projects

Whilst we continuously work to ensure the sustainability of the Kaira Konko Scout Lodge, we also carry out community projects, sponsor children through school whether it is money for tuition fees or pencils, we also help the poorest of our scout families through our rice fund.

These projects are al paid for through your kind donations and without which we would not be in a position to continue with this good work.

Our current community and Kaira Konko projects are:

- Rebuilding bridges to the rice fields - these bridges were destroyed during the heavy rainfall in the 2012 rainy season and without these bridges the women are unable to manage the rice crop to support their families. With such a heavy burden on their shoulders these women will do anything to get to the rice fields and as a result one lady has tragically died in her attempts to et through the mud to the rice fields.

- Continuing to support our Scouts and their families with education and rice.

- Raising funds to build more accommodation at Kaira Konko Scout Lodge to attract more visitors, generate more revenue to ensure the future of the Lodge.

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